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Structural Designing


Warehouse Expansion; Euclid, Ohio

Design of foundations for warehouse addition and new standalone warehouse, both utilizing pre-engineered metal buildings. Warehouse addition of 5,500 square feet and standalone warehouse of 23,800 square feet. 

Warehouse Structural Stabilization; Strongsville, Ohio

Review of existing structure after foundation movement, and design of structural steel framing for structural stabilization. Project was performed quasi design-build, with the repair contractor recommended by our firm due to availability and previous experience together. Time from initial site observations to completion of construction was less than 2 months. 

UH Medina X-Ray Replacement; Medina, Ohio

Upgrades to X-ray suite, including review of existing structure for support of upgraded ceiling hung medical equipment. The existing structure was observed in the field and existing drawings were reviewed. 

Fitness Center Study; Stonebridge Condominium Association; Cleveland, Ohio

Review of existing structure for infilling of an atrium and use as a fitness center. Load-capacity analysis and vibration analysis performed, with recommendations given to client in a manner such that they can strategize options and determine which path is most suitable for their needs and budget. 

Private Mausoleum; Chesterland, Ohio

Structural design of private, 6 tomb mausoleum made of granite. Design included sizing of granite members and connections. 

Streetsboro Community Center; Streetsboro, Ohio

Structural design of single story community center utilizing wood framed walls and shop fabricated wood trusses. Design includes steel framing for support of operable partition walls, masonry screen wall for mechanical and dumpster enclosure, and heavy timber framed entry trellis.

Warehouse Conversion ; Valley City, Ohio

Load checks of existing buildings including joist framing and pre-engineered metal buildings. Design of an interior mezzanine for storage usage, utilizing existing pre-engineered metal building columns. 

Multi-Family Residential Building Balcony Replacement; Lakewood, Ohio

Structural design of replacement exterior balcony for multi-family residential building, due to fire damage. Design performed for contractor, as design-build item.

Encompass Health Medical Office Building; Encompass Health; Cleveland, Ohio

Renovation of existing two-story masonry building, originally a social hall, for use as a medical office building with small retail section on first floor, with proposed future banquet hall space on second floor. Renovation work to include HVAC upgrades, repair or infill of an adjacent crawl space, and architectural upgrades. 

Exterior Pier Repairs and Second Floor Mechanical Opening; Grove City YMCA; Grove City, Pennsylvania

Projects to repair exterior concrete piers at existing canopy and for new exterior wall opening for 2nd floor mechanical space. 

City of Cleveland Facade Ordinance Reviews; Multiple Buildings; Cleveland, Ohio

Observations of existing facades and submission of report of observations to the city to satisfy the requirements of the façade ordinance. 

Warehouse Addition; Eastlake, Ohio

Design of foundations for 2,200 square foot pre-engineered metal building addition to existing warehouse, including details for shared foundations with existing columns and foundation load estimation due to late procurement of foundation loading submittal. 

Storage Facility; Northwestern, Ohio

Structural design of framing and foundations for three-story commercial storage facility utilizing cold-formed metal framed walls and steel framing where required due to spans. design also includes foundations for adjacent high-bay storage facility constructed of a pre-engineered metal building. 

Nighttown Cooler Enclosure; Cleveland, Ohio

Cold-formed metal framed exterior cooler enclosure adjacent to existing building and below existing balcony, to house cooler for night club. 

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